Leasehold Finanace for Businesses

Leasehold Finance.

Working with specialist lenders you should be able to access a wide range of leasehold finance options. The process is designed to be Clear, Fast and Simple – Whether you are purchasing or refinancing your leasehold business a commercial finance broker can help:

  • Finance for leasehold pubs
  • Restaurant finance
  • Fast food businesses
  • Garages, Health food shops.
  • Leasehold finance for retail businesses, General stores, Post offices, Dry Cleaners etc.

When you first contact a commercial finance broker they will go through some of the basics over the phone.  Having gathered enough information they will then issue a quotation.

Only when you are happy with the terms of the quotation will your broker then arrange for the business valuation. Assuming that the report is satisfactory the lender will issue the formal loan offer.

How much can you borrow? leasehold pub

You will usually need a deposit of at least 50% of the purchase price of a leasehold business.  If you have a lot of experience in your chosen sector and there are accounts available for inspection then the deposit may be reduced to 35%.

These conditions may be relaxed where additional security is available i.e. where the lender can take a second charge over the equity in your home or other property.

Have you found obtaining business finance difficult?

Past difficulties such as CCJ’s, Arrears or failed businesses need not stop you from starting again. If you have a profitable proposition and a deposit or other security we can help.

Because there are so many factors affecting the type of business finance you qualify for, the simplest way to find out is to contact a broker.  Quotes should be free and without obligation to commit.