Home Information Pack Pricing Details

Some of the companies who have invested the most in the provision of Home Information Packs have started to release so of their pricing plans. LMS are believed to be the first to market with their offering. Their report will consist of an Energy Performance Report (EPC) and all the necessary local searches.

LMS’s version of a Home Information Report will cost between £350 and £550 depending on the value of the property, plus an extra £75 for leasehold properties. Some of these packages will include access to systems such as Home Navigator which will allow homeowners to view satellite images of the area. As we get nearer to the start date for HIPs the competition is bound to heat up.

There will be numerous variations on a theme, and doubtless some HIPs providers will start to include added extras such as location reports and details of local schools etc. These extras will probably have more to do with profits that providing real value for money. Meanwhile, the Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP) has come out fighting against the many critics of the scheme. AHIPPs has clearly stated that in their opinion there will be plenty of Energy Assessors trained and ready to produce the Energy performance Certificate. Critics of the scheme.

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